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  • Entré­e

    Samosa (3 pieces)(LF/NF)   $6.50
    Homemade trainglar shaped pastries filled with diced potatoes, green peas lightly spiced with cumin. Served with mint sauce.

    Onion Bhaji (GF/LF/NF)  $6.00
    Sliced onion coated in chickpea flour batter, deep fired until crisp. Served with mint sauce.

    Vegetable Pakora (4 pieces)(GF/LF/NF)  $6.50
    Diced vegetables mixed together with spices and deep fried in chickpea flour batter until golden. Served with mint sauce.

    Mix Veg Entrée  $6.50
    Mixture of samosa, onion, bhaji and vegetable pakora 

    Prawn Pakora (4 pieces) (GF/LF/NF)   $8.00
    Lightly spiced prawn deep fried. Served with homemade sweet chilli sauce.

    Fish Pakora (GF/LF/NF) $8.00
    Fish fillets deep fried in a lightly spiced chickpea flour batter, deep fried.Served with homemade sweet chili sauce. 

  • From the Clay and Coal Tandoor

    (Served with sauce and salad)  

    Tandoori Chicken     (1/4 Chicken / 1/2 Chicken)(GF/NF)   $6.90 / $12.50
    Chicken marinated in yoghurt, a blend of various spices and garam masala , smoked in the tandoor.

    Chicken Tikka (GF/NF )   $7.90 / $13.90
    Boneless Chicken Specially marinated and roasted in the tandoor.

    Sheekh Kebab (GF/LF/NF)  $7.90 / $13.90
    Lamb mince enhanced with ground spices, fresh corriander leaves, skewered and cooked in the tandoor.

    Grilled Fish Tikka (LF/NF)  $7.90 / $15.00
    Fish fillet lightly marinated in tandoori masala and grilled on the tawa (special hot plate)

    Tandoori Lamb Chops (GF/NF)  $9.90 (3pc) / $16.00 (5pc)
    Cutlets of lamb marinated in delicate spices and roasted over the coal tandoor. 

    GF - Gluten Fre / LF - Lactose Free / NF - Nuts Free

    Garlic Prawns (4 pieces / 8 pieces) (GF/NF)  $8.50 / $16.00
    King prawns lightly marinated in the Chef’s special herbs and spices then roasted in the charcoal oven. 

    Clay and Coal Mixed Platter (NF)  $8.50 / $16.00
    Mixture of chicken tikka, prawn tikka, sheekh kebab and fish tikka.

  • Vegetables

    Dhall (GF/LF/NF)  $9.90
    A mixture of lentils slowly simmered and finished with tomatoes, cumin seed and fresh coriander.

    Sambar (GF/LF/NF) (medium)   $9.90
    A very South Indian dhall with all the seasonal vegetables cooked in with a dash of tamarind juice and usual spices.

    Palak Paneer(GF/NF)   $10.90
    Ricotta chesse cubes cooked with spinach, onion, garlic and other spices.

    Aloo Gobi (GF/LF/NF)   $10.90
    Potatpes and cauliflower cooked together with cumin, ginger, tomato, onion and spices.

    Mixed Vegetable(GF/LF/NF)   $10.90
    Seasonal vegetables cooked with onion, ginger and other spices.

    Eggplant Masala(GF/LF/NF)  $10.90
    A unique blend of eggplant, capsicum, onion, tomatoes and spices.

    Halwa Subji (Clay and Coal special) (GF/LF/NF)   $10.90
    Cubed pumpkin cooked in the Chef's own secret blend of spices.

    Vegetable Kofta (GF/LF/NF)   $10.90
    Vegetable dumping in a lavish gravy of onion and tomatoes with Mild Species.

  • Chicken Curries

    Butter Chicken (GF/NF)  $12.90
    Pieces of chicken tikka cooked with a sauce of onion, garam masala, cream, and tomatoes.(mild) 

    Chicken Madras (GF/LF/NF)  $12.90
    Boneless chicken cooked in a sauce of tomatoes, onion, garlic, ginger, mustard seeds, chili and coconut milk (medium).

    Chicken Tikka Masala  $12.90
    Roasted pieces of chicken tikka finished in a delicious sauce of ginger, garlic, capsicum and medium spices.(medium) 

  • Lamb Curries

    Lamb Rogan Josh (GF/LF/NF)  $13.90
    A very popular Kashmiri dish of lamb diced with a special bend of spice and herbs. (medium)         

    Saag Gosht(GF/LF/NF)  $13.90
    Lamb cooked in a lavish gravy of spinach, fenugreek leaves, onion garlic and spices.(medium)       

    Lamb Masala (GF/LF/NF) $13.90
    Tender pieces of lamb cooked in aromatic masala with onion, tomatoes and cubes of potatoes.

  • Beef Curries

    Beef Korma(GF/NF)   $13.90
    Delicately spiced gravy of cubed beef, enriched with onion, ginger, garlic and other spices.(mild)

    Beef Vindaloo (GF/LF/NF)  $13.90
    A very popular Goon dish cooked with cubed beef, ginger, garlic and mild spice. (very hot)

    Beef Malabari(GF/LF/NF) $13.90
    Diced beef cooked in a very rich sauce of coconut cream, lemon grass, onion, tomatoes with cubes of potatoes. (mild) 

  • Seafood Curries

    Prawn Masala (GF/LF/NF)   $15.50
    Prawns in a sauce of freshly ground spices, tomato, onion and ginger (medium-hot).

    Prawn & Basil Curry (GF/LF/NF)  $15.50
    (Clay & Coal Special) Prawns cooked with a rich sauce of coconut cream, fresh basil, lemongrass, onion and tomatoes. (mild)

    Squid Basil Curry (GF/LF/NF)   $13.50
    Squid cooked in a rich coconut sauce and spices with a dash of basil. (mild) 

    Fish Bengali Curry (GF/LF/NF)  $15.50
    Fish fillets cooked in the sauce based on onion, tomatoes and cubes of eggplant. (medium) 

  • Thali

    Vegetable Thali (NF)   $15.90
    A platter for one consisting of dhall, palak paneer, mixed vegetables with rice and plain naan.       

    Non Vegetable Thali(NF)  $18.90
    A platter for one consisting of butter chicken, prawn and basil curry beef korma, with rice and naan.       

  • Accompaniments

    Naan (freshly baked breads from the Clay and Coal tandoor)  

    Plain (NF) $2.50

    Butter (NF) $2.90

    Garlic (garlic stuffed naan) (NF) $3.00

    Cheese (cheese stuffed naan) (NF) $3.90

    Aloo Naan (potato stuffed naan) (NF) $3.50

    Til Naan (sesame seeds sprinkled on top of naan) (NF) $3.50

    Keema Naan (chicken tikka & cheese stuffed) (NF) $4.00

    Pashewari Naan (dried fruits stuffed)  $3.90

    Bhatura (deep fried naan) (NF) $2.50

    Roti (whole meal bread) (NF) $2.50

    Parantha (whole mean bread with layers) (NF) $3.00

    Chilli Cheese Naan(NF) $4.00

    Garlic & Cheese Naan $4.00

    Pappadums (GF/LF/NF)(lentil wafers) $2.50

    Steamed Rice (GF/LF/NF)  Sm $2.20 Lg $4.00
    Fragrant basmati rice steamed in cloves, cardamom and cinnamon. 

    Kashmiri Pulao Rice(GF/LF)  Sm $3.50 Lg $6.00
    Rice steamed with cashew nuts, almonds and sultanas. 

    Lemon Rice (GF/LF/NF)   Sm $3.50  Lg $6.00
    Rice steamed with a hint of lemon flavor, curry leaves and mustard seeds.

  • Chutney & Pickles

    Mint Sauce (GF/NF) $2.00

    Sweet Mango Chutney (GF/LF/NF) $2.00

    Mango Pickle (GF/LF/NF) $2.00

    Lime Pickle (GF/LF/NF) $2.00

  • Salads

    Katchumber Salad (GF/LF/NF)   $5.00
    Refreshing mix of cucumber, tomato, red onion with a special dressing lifted with lemon juice.

    Raita (GF/NF)   $5.00
    Yoghurt mixed with cucumber and mild spices.

  • Desserts

    Gulab Jamun (NF)    $5.00
    Milk dumplings steeped in rose and cardamom sugar syrup.       

    Mango Kulfi (GF/NF)  $5.00
    Homemade Indian ice cream, very refreshing

  • Drinks

    Mango Lassi         $3.50

    Can of Coke         $2.50

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